A project of the Center for Economic Democracy and Resist and based in Boston, Massachusetts, the Movement Sustainability Commons nourishes and sustains people and groups working for justice, economic democracy, and liberation.

We do this by offering affordable and high quality services, practices, spaces, and pathways that support both interdependence and self-reliance for community self-determination.

We aspire to co-create an off-ramp to the non-profit industrial complex that frees people and groups to work cooperatively with emergence, imagination and a focus on living their purpose and sharing their gifts. 

We seek to co-create an ecosystem rooted in the following principles:

  • Interdependence and Cooperation, the sharing of resources, systems and gifts so that people can focus their time and energy on the frontline mission work.
  • Self-Reliance, the development of skills, knowledge and relationships within local organizational and community leadership.  
  • Mutual Support and Accountability, the offering of best practices and systems to nourish trust and health within and between people and organizations.
  • Community Self-Determination, experimentation with shared governance structures that strengthen both the organizations and the larger movement ecosystem.


The Commons is housed within Resist and operates as a Worker Self-Directed Non Profit where staff are responsible for the vision and direction of the organization in addition to the management and day-to-day operations. The Coordinating Team serves as an internal decision making circle. 

The Commons is governed by a General Circle whose members may include staff, representatives from Resist and CED, community members, and representatives from organizations participating in offerings. The General Circle is responsible for big picture decision making and general guidance, in coordination with the Coordinating Team.